Really love this one from yesterday.
John O’Callaghan, July 22, 2014
Warped Tour @ Merriweather Post Pavilion
"That’s awesome!"
“My mom hates it.”
"This is Pioneer."
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Important life update: I love The Maine.
I knew my first tattoo would have to do something with them, and getting the name of my favorite album just seemed right. When the record company told them that it was shit and they wouldn’t sell it, The Maine recorded, produced, and sold it anyways, not knowing how it would be received. Pioneer has inspired me in my life in so many ways. It made me realize that you have to live for yourself. When others tell you you aren’t good enough, you have to listen to your instincts and do what you know is right. I am so thankful for each of those five boys who continue to inspire, comfort, and remind me to live my life fully. Here’s to the ones who venture into unknown or unclaimed territory to settle: there is a little pioneer in all of us.

Not resurrecting just felt the need to put the maine things up\m/

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Spoopy john
Selfies ayy
"I’m gonna be dead ok?"
Patricia Kirch:)
Gon git tatted up

Yeah so I think I’m quitting tumblr for a while or for forever I don’t really know
But in case anyone was wondering
Yeah I’m done

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